Flower delivery

For many years, we have been delivering flowers to houses, yachts and boats for our foreign partners.

Contact us by phone at 021 883 008 and 021 885 409 or by email at hrvojkatrogir@yahoo.com to quickly and easily order any type of bouquet or arrangement and discuss the place and date of delivery.

The Hrvojka company, which includes a flower shop and funeral services, delivers flowers with appropriate messages in the wider Trogir area and to other places with previously agreed-upon pricing:

Kaštel Štafilić, Kaštel Novi, Kaštel Stari, Plano, Trogir, Arbanija, Žedno, Slatine, Okrug Donji, Okrug Gornji, Seget Donji, Seget Gornji, Prapatnica, Bristivica, Ljubitovica, Marina, Vrsine, Najevi, Dograde, Gustirna, Pozorac, Poljica, Sevid, Rogoznica, Dvornice, Podorljak, Blizna …

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