Our services

  • arrival with the coroner at the place of death
  • takeover and transport of the deceased person in Croatia and abroad (the most favourable prices of transport to the place of burial)
  •  selection of complete funeral equipment in our showroom (coffins, coffin sets, tombstone, tin coffin insert, urns)
  • booking a date for the funeral
  • drafting and placement of obituaries
  • objava obavijesti o smrti u dnevnim novinama (sućuti, sjećanje i zahvale) Slobodna Dalmacija
  • dressing and preparing the deceased
  • arranging music for the last send-off (klapa choir, trumpet player, etc.)
  • organization of buses and photographers
  • creation and delivery of floral arrangements and wreaths
  • obtaining death certificates
  • obtaining documentation for repatriation in the homeland and abroad