Reimbursement of funeral expenses

Thanks to our several years of experience, we are able to assist you in reimbursing part of the funeral expenses through insurance, CHIF (Croatian Health Insurance Fund or HZZO) or Social Insurance. The CHIF reimburses the costs following the CHIF's referral.

One-time reimbursement for funeral expenses is recognized for the funeral of a person who does not have a legal or contractual obligator of livelihood on the basis of a contract for lifelong livelihood or livelihood until death. One-time reimbursement for funeral expenses is recognized for a person who, at the time of death, is the beneficiary of the right or a member of the household who is the beneficiary of the right to guaranteed minimum compensation, and a person who is a user of the accommodation or organized housing at the time of death.

The one-time reimbursement of basic funeral expenses shall be paid by the competent social welfare centre to the natural or legal person who paid the funeral expenses or to the legal person registered for funeral services who provided the service.

In the event of death due to an occupational injury or occupational disease, the right to compensation for funeral expenses is exercised by submitting a request to the competent regional office of the CHIF and belongs to a legal or natural person who has borne the costs of burial of the insured person.